Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When I thought about what I wanted to receive in exchange for my secrets at the roulette table, I'll let you know, various things came to my mind. But I decided in the end to ask for money. Yes, it's boring, but money is accepted to pay off everything nowadays. Except love, of course :)

So I had to come up with a price. How much was my secret worth? This secret, which will allow you to never worry about your financial well-being in the future, will lead you to a happy life. That's priceless, no? Yes, I think so too. But I have made my decision and I will stick with it.
Like I said before, I would never dare reveal this to you if not for the one thing, my days are numbered and I'll die soon. What will happen after that? I do not know. I would REALLY like to get into paradise. Therefore I will try to do as much good as I can before passing on.

First, I will reveal this secret to anyone who is interested. People who really understand that it is not just words, this is a working system that will bring you money every time you use it!

And secondly, all money that I receive from the sale of my secrets will be given to charity. Including a part of my own money which I earned using my system. I consider that in life it is important to be good to people. And it will return a hundred-fold.

So, the price of my system is...

Well, actually it's priceless!

But today it's just $99 for this invaluable secret of the roulette table.
For this system which I spent half my life, along with a heap of nerves and thousands of dollars!

Think one more time.
Are you really happy with that money which you now win in roulette? Or are you still losing more than winning?
And how many times have you lost this same amount of money, $99, in a roulette game?
And how many more times will you lose it again?
Or do you just count on luck...?

I'm offering you the chance to never count on luck again. And NEVER lose in a roulette game. EVER!
The decision is up to you.
Think about it.

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